Services Provided

  • SR&ED

  • Lean Manufacturing Consultation

Utilizing every viable SR&ED tax credit should be every company’s goal, as companies often carry out several activities that qualify for SR&ED.  However, identifying projects, preparing and managing your SR&ED claim requires time, resources, and expertise your company likely does not posses.  Many clients find the application filing process complicated, intimidating and time-consuming.  Even companies currently claiming SR&ED do not always get their full entitlement, due to a lack of understanding of the SR&ED program, an underestimation of their costs, or insufficient documentation of SR&ED projects.

In addition - while the government expects the claimant to prove eligibility through accurate documentation and progress tracking, first-time claimants rarely keep such evidence.  Claimants are usually busy focusing on their core business (as they should be!), not on preparation of SR&ED claims.  When the fiscal year comes to an end, many companies have no choice but to make either partial claims, or forgo a SR&ED claim altogether.

The Accolade Consulting Group Inc. provides each client with all of the following services:

  • Free consultation at client site, to determine whether a SR&ED claim is possible

  • Installation and setup of a simple and easy-to-use internal system at client site, allowing for easy and contemporaneous (as-you-go) data capture of SR&ED projects

  • Quarterly client updates, which increase communication and help avoid errors

  • Highly professional preparation of technical and financial SR&ED reports for CRA

  • Defense of client’s SR&ED claim to CRA

  • Training of client’s engineers and staff in SR&ED requirements and methodology

  • Work closely with client’s existing accounting group

Throughout every communication with our staff, complete confidentiality is assured.

Accolade Consulting can also help you learn and achieve the sustainable results you want, hands-on. Lean management is learned through daily practice and testing your skills against operational challenges from your competitors.  Our role is to help you implement operational excellence through teaching, demonstration of new ways of working, and continuously challenging you to improve performance.

The majority of what we do is to help you improve performance with "learning by doing".  We do this in five main ways:

Diagnostics and design of lean deployment to

Education and practical training in lean principles and tools through hands-on learning and exercises

Rapid improvement (kaizen) workshops of varying duration and style to achieve breakthrough results

Visual management systems to make the plan, the status of performance and problems visible to all

A system of follow ups and checks of the management system by the management, to sustain results and make lean a daily practice

We bring no preconceptions of how your business should be run.  We have experience in a wide range of industries, but we are not experts in your industry.  We are experts in teaching and doing kaizen and the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Increasingly people are recognizing that Lean is not a set of tools but a philosophy and a way of thinking that needs to be understood and embraced as a whole in order for it to take root successfully.

We serve as an outside-in perspective on your business to provide an honest benchmark against Lean management principles.  Our tools provide a rapid diagnosing of performance issues and their underlying causes. We incorporate Lean management practices in the stabilization and turnaround plan that we develop and execute, so that our work is not a one-time fix but a better way of operating.

We value your time and place the highest value on getting things done properly and in a timely manner.

We leverage ideas and creativity (rather than capital) from your team and ours in order to solve problems

We serve you as a team of senior consultants and instructors who have the depth and breadth to meet your needs

We share our knowledge with you freely and openly

We work ourselves out of a job by making you self-sufficient

We improve our work so that you will see value in rehiring us

We make kaizen more fun!

If it sounds like our consulting services may be right for you, please contact us and help us learn more about your needs.


"A positive impact on your business."